SD 81–87: So twitter does this thing I hate where everything is framed as “why isn’t the media covering this” or “no one’s talking about this” when main stream outlets literally are covering the thing and many, many people are talking about this!

Anyway, that doesn’t matter, nothing matters, etc.

My birthday was shitty, but civilization is crumbling, so that’s small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. The protests are ongoing, and it feels like some real change is starting to happen, so that’s exciting. A ton of confederate memorials have been taken down, which is a really fantastic side effect that I wouldn’t have even though about.

Chicago’s curfew was ended yesterday and the Loop was reopened. There never should have been a curfew in the first place, and I really really don’t agree with the decision to lock down the loop. Also there’s a new $1.2 million contract for private security which is not great!

Work’s at a reasonable level, which feels light after being so busy and I feel guilty for working only the required amount of hours. I may have written that before. It’s a dumb feeling. I’m getting what I need to get done! It’s ok to also live my own life and not be a crazy workaholic! I’ll just keep telling myself that.

If I hadn’t taken on this freelance project I wouldn’t be feeling the “I’m always two weeks behind where I should be” thing. I’m just a week behind.

Getting a little nervous about what Shopify can and can’t do. I… should be farther along. Oops. Eeesh. Shit. Stressing myself out. Could’ve done more work this weekend! I did a lot of reading of documentation. Some parts look like they’ll be super easy. I should do those easy parts first, get it as close as possible to what I designed, and then dig into the stuff that’s gonna be a lot harder.

I got my MySQL query working last week only to discover MySQL session variables apparently don’t work with WordPress’s $wpdb. Sigh. Gonna have start from scratch on a solution that relies a lot more on PHP. Kinda worried about performance issues, but it feels like this tool is gonna be used so little that that won’t be an issue. Knock on wood!

Been dipping back into FFXIV a little more, though still playing plenty of Minecraft and Animal Crossing. I’m kinda at the point in Animal Crossing where I’m probably gonna stop logging in every day, and once I get to that point it’s all over for my islanders. Need to start working more with custom patterns because then I can hit those productive/creative endorphins. I keep thinking I’m going to get back into painting and #msaed in this time, but I just have not been able. First work was too much then I took on this freelance project. I might actually be better off with this freelance project since I can productively procrastinate instead of staring into space. Though getting back into so many video games also kinda sucks up available time.

Everything am stress!!111

It’s hot. The air conditioning seems fine so far.

I took out the recycling. Why are there so many dishes. And so much laundry. Our office was supposed to reopen today, but that got pushed to next week because of the protests. I said I’d be interested in going in the 15th… that was kind of a lie. I want to wait a few weeks to see if cases badly spike because of easing restrictions. I’m also not looking forward to masking requirements for riding the CTA and being in the office. Gonna need like 15 masks a week because you shouldn’t be reusing masks without washing them.

No idea what I’m gonna do for lunch since I believe indoor dining is still not allowed.

I am in a bit of a high risk population.

I can do all my work from home… only real reason to go in is for a change of scenery and to allegedly focus, but I’ve gotten a bit better at doing that at home. I say while procrastinating and writing this instead. My plate has filled back up so I’m not gonna be able to keep putting things off much longer. Today was a big freelance deadline I’ve completely blown. There’s another one next week so I’m taking a day off to focus.

CONvergence was officially cancelled this year. Maybe that was two weeks ago. Wondering when I’ll actually be able to go to Minnesota again. Matt doesn’t seem very sold on driving for some reason… most because he’s worried about his mom, but we have things to do in Minnesota besides see his family. Could rent a place and be socially distant together. But being a tourist is gonna be weird if there are no restaurants still. Everything’s a fucking mess. I feel like I’d be semi-comfortable taking Amtrak to Minnesota rather than flying, but 8 hours semi-spread apart vs. a 30 minute flight… is my risk assessment there really logical?

I think the sentence I was meaning to write in regards to the office reopening next week is I thought I’d have more time to get other shit done but it’s been three months and here we are!

We’re never going back to normal. #BlackLivesMatter

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