SD 73–80: Well, we were getting close to re-opening, but now the world’s on fire in a whole new way. Things are really bad. Fuck transfer protocol. Black Lives Matter. It all feels meaningless coming from me so I’m mostly keeping my mouth shut.

Let’s see, last week briefly thought I understood MySQL. Then I very much did not. It was my niece’s birthday, so we played a lot more Minecraft. The day before my sister tried to go to a Target for toaster strudel without listening to the news and there was an active police standoff with looters. The George Floyd protests are definitely bigger than anything that’s come before in my lifetime. Kinda makes you forget about the global pandemic when civil unrest spreads throughout the country.

The mayor is fucking it up, which is disappointing after the goodwill her COVID-19 response had been engendering. Suppose it was naive of me to think that mattered.

I’m turning 35 tomorrow. The CTA shut down completely yesterday because of protests which has never been done before. They’ve raised the bridges to cut off the Loop which is literally something that had only happened in one of the Batman movies filmed here.

Got to see a Zoom concert of Perfume Genius.

I knew Trump’s presidency would be bad but kinda hoped it wouldn’t actually be this bad. Again, stupid. Naive. Lots of sirens last night. Everything is getting boarded up on Milwaukee and several places were looted, including Matt’s old Target and the MicroCenter across the street. Where I got this computer I’m typing on in fact!

My current paranoia is directly about the credit union we’re next to being set on fire. It seems like Chicago hasn’t had the amount of fires Minneapolis has had, but there’s plenty of time!

I hate all of this. Just feel powerless and helpless and like nothing I can do matters or is helpful.

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