SD 67–72: The historic rains have stopped (temporarily), the sun’s come out, the temps are up, and hard seltzer season is officially back, baby!

It’s weird when I feel guilty for only working the expected amount of hours in a week instead of a lot more, right?

Took on a big freelance project I shouldn’t have and already missed my first deadline, sigh. Pushed it to Tuesday so I could work on it over the long holiday weekend and now it’s Sunday and… lol. It’s started, but I need to be further. Always. With several big work projects finally going live, I actually no longer feel two weeks behind where I should be. Just one week. Progress!!! Just think, if I hadn’t taken on this freelance project, I could actually relax. That would’ve been absolutely terrible.

It’s a freelance project for my brother-in-law’s company, so that means it’s ok.

Keysmash! Love that I only write this when tired, drunk, or both. Just a little tipsy right now. It’s Sunday, baybeeeeeee!

The better weather has been nice. Lol, trite! Social distancing restrictions are starting to be relaxed. We’ll see in two weeks or so how bad of an idea that is. Matt when to hang out with friends (in a back yard, in masks, at a distance) Friday. I… still have no desire to do that. I really am a homebody! I would like to go back to the office, but I’ve adjusted to full-time work from home finally for the most part. It’s more I’d just like Matt and Dane to leave so I could have alone time. In the past two days I’ve had my first half hour or so of alone time in months. And then I left so the apartment was empty for the first time since this all began! Pandemic’s over!!! 😎

Had a friend’s birthday in FFXIV on Friday night. It was nice getting back into that game for a bit after being away in Animal Crossing and Minecraft land for so long. I’d be playing more, but again, made a stupid decision to take a freelance project instead of my free time. Still not sure where the hours in the day go! Into my butt, probably!!!!

I’m sure other things happened in the past several days. Damned if I remember what they were. Oh, I got on a ladder and replaced a light bulb. Then for some extra motivation I cleaned a water stain off the walls where a link came in previously. I also scrubbed the cement window sill by my desk with several different cleaning solutions to try and get rid of some rust stains where a previous leak came in. Dissolving steel wool seemed the most successful. Though worry about the implications of that… If sanding it off is the answer, that’s fine, but am I shortening by life with steel wool particles? Household tasks otherwise were all pretty routine. Still haven’t reorganized my flat files. Maybe I can do that instead of this website design. Oof.

CONvergence 2020 still isn’t cancelled… it’s a beautiful dream, but the Minnesota State Fair cancelled this week, so there’s no way in hell it’s gonna happen. Ugh… nothing is ever going back to normal.

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