SD 59-66: Remember how I keep saying I should go back to doing this daily to slow down the passage of time? Oopsie poopsie!!!

Let’s see…

I took last Wednesday off from work. It was very nice.

I’m going deeper back into the Minecraft hole thanks to my niece.

Still have my daily hour or two of Animal Crossing to keep me level though.

There were some nice weather days but then we got like 7 inches of rain in four days, so that’s neat. Still need to check the basement to see if anything happened.

Work is work. Finally figured out Bower, which is great since it’s deprecated. Maybe I’ll figure out how to integrate NPM into non NPMy projects this week. Or next week. I’ve got some shit to get done by Wednesday. Whee.

Look at this piece of art I made.

Maybe I need to photoshop someone in next to Bea.

Oh, and this happened too.

Haven’t done any meaningful cleaning recently, so my life is losing meaning. Gonna reorganize my flat files sometime soon… but it’s gonna be a *PROCESS*. On the edge of some furniture shopping! Pretty exciting, eh?

The return to the office plan is being discussed, but I doubt it actually happens immediately in June. I imagine the stay at home order will expire and be replaced with another level of openness, but severely limited. I don’t hate the idea of going back to the office, but trying to figure out how riding the CTA in this time will work is not great. Also, my habit of going out for lunch every day to get out of the office is gonna be a non-starter with dine-in being not a thing. That was a sentence I could’ve rewritten… but I didn’t! Lounge in the building will be closed too. So I guess I go get Jimmy John’s pickup every day and bring it back to eat at my desk where a plexiglass barrier has been installed behind my computer? I feel like start/stop times will need to be shifted with the CTA, so will I go to work at 6? 10? Eesh. Since I don’t own a car maybe I’ll just be staying home. What a mess our collapsing civilization has become!

Time to go for a walk / leave the house for the first time in a few days.

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