SD 50–58: Here’s where I say “another week! wowee!” Did I already say I should try to switch back to daily updates since time is suddenly going too fast? Did I already say I’m tired? Did I already say everything that will happen has happened? Did I already say “wha’s happening?” It’s Mother’s Day! My mother hasn’t texted me back.

Work is slowing down finally. Taking a day off this week to stare at screens on my own terms! Also committed to a freelance project (for family, sorta) because I’m an idiot. It is important to always be very, very stressed.

Been spending many hours playing Minecraft with my niece, which is a nice respite from the many hours of Animal Crossing I’ve been playing with myself.

Got to spend too many hours this week troubleshooting a WordPress database issue, that I think was a result of a function I wrote incorrectly dumping the user capabilities table after the WordPress table prefix was changed. Feel like I should see if that’s fixable, but that’s also such a rare occurrence… other than when migrating like I’m doing at the moment. Wheee.

Felt good about turning some shortcodes into ACF blocks. Felt good about Gutenberg. Then again felt annoyed by our Theme Framework’s somewhat troubled processing of blocks. Hoping to resolve some of those issues this week.

I haven’t really noticed dreams that are any stranger than usual like a lot of people are talking about, but I do keep waking up in the night realizing my brain’s been stuck on some invented coding programming. That happened once this week and the dream was entirely an Animal Crossing themed code editor. No visuals, just text. First time for that. Very strange.

Haven’t made any progress on trying to make more art. Generally just feel exhausted after work and then want to watch tv and/or play video games and nothing else. Not even reading very much at the moment. Sigh!!! Just chill out, self! It’s fine! You’re fine! It’s cloudy and raining right now and as stated previously, I am v sleepy. I did sleep well the past two nights though. Back and neck issues are settling down a little (*knock on wood*).

*porky pig voice* Bye

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