SD-38-43: Whatta week! Been crazy busy in the final pushes for this website with some long days and late nights. Still managed to fit in a family video call on Wednesday followed by another ex-B*nd catchup. I briefly set my background as my old desk, which was v. triggering.

Nook’s Cranny expanded. Bruce moved in. I sold my turnips for not quite enough but got my basement built. Nintendo is nerfing some money schemes and I feel personally victimized as someone who doesn’t time travel or put a ton of energy into gaming the stalk market. I just wanna buy cute furniture!! Is that too much to ask?

I had to go to Walgreen’s twice this week. The arrow on my scout neckerchiefs is pretty styling though. Need to photoshop some of my old paintings.

My neck and back was feeling better but today (Saturday) feeling not great so laying on the couch for a bit to get away from my office chair. New reports are showing COVID causes strokes and blood clots Fun!! When I feel really bad like this I go back to my “is this a brain tumor? spinal cancer?” game. But I don’t have nausea or vomiting. Just dizziness and feeling like I’m gonna faint. Not real confusion. Per se.

Hoping I catch up more on sleep tonight because Monday is gonna be a big, big stressful day. Need to do more testing this weekend so I’m not caught with my pants down, but we’ve put so much work into the site and had so many eyes on it.

TMZ is reporting Kim Jong Un died. Pritzker extended Illinois’s stay at home order until May 30th, but people can go golfing now. So at least there’s that.

I need to run up that hill, I will I will.

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