SD-35:Another week in the books. Happy Friday, kids!!! No Friday night zooms, but did have a 90 minute talk with the dev team and then a web team pre-game session before the company-wide digital happy hour. We all wore red for World Hemophilia Day.

Once again didn’t tackle any of the bugs I was supposed to.

The moths are back and I want to die.

There is new Fiona Apple.

SD-36: The weekend! Remember weekends? Remember brunch? Starting the morning intending to knock out some work but then ended up doing 3 hours of Animal Crossing with my niece. I know I shouldn’t blame my procrastination on a six year old, but I certainly feel for parents having to manage working from home with childcare.

I wiped down the shelves in the master bath with vinegar and sanded a bunch of our cedar hangars in hopes of helping with moth mitigation.

Learned I only just made too much money last year to receive a stimulus check, which is great since I’ve been spending more than I’ve been taking in all this year. Sigh.

SD-37: Ahh, Sunday. The day I vacuum. The weather is a little nicer today so went out for my walk and sat on a bench against my better judgment to read an email I thought was going to be bad but was really nice actually.

It’s 2pm and I still haven’t started in on the bugs I wanted to start on first thing. Spending an hour collecting fruits and hitting rocks in Animal Crossing each morning is srs business. Then I had to vacuum. And walk. And eat. And now in an hour I’m doing a call with family and just had to ignore a call from my niece. This makes me want to throw myself out the window. Guess my honeymoon period at work is officially over because I am very stressed!!! It’s weird catholic productivity guilt that I want to take care of these bugs and even enjoy the work but just can’t get myself to start. I’ve just about run out of things to do instead… so it’s gotta be close. I’ll settle into the groove 15 minutes before I have to take that call.

At least my island is coming together. And I’ve fallen deep into the flower crossbreeding hole. Need some lilies!!!!! Need to stop feeling overwhelmed! Been on edge this weekend and I just need to chill!!!!!

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