SD-33: Woke up to an inch of snow. Winter has returned! It’s cold. Another questionably productive day of work, though I’m putting in the hours. I just don’t know what’s getting done. I took out the garbage. Did a video call with mom and sis. Which ended when nephew pooped all over Brandi. Being a parent looks fun. I did get to clean up some inconveniently placed Babycat puke this morning. Oh, I also washed towels. My self-worth is measured by my domestic productivity. And lines of code committed.

Did I mention we signed up for a BritBox trial that I’m now paying for so we can watch Rosemary & Thyme solve horticultural issues… and murder? I think I did. Anyway, we were watching an episode where the set sorta looked like Manor House where I lived when I studied abroad my sophomore year in Birmingham, England. I don’t think it was, but I did learn that the second episode of the show Dalziel & Pascoe was filmed there!

Gotta make Matt watch this as well. There’s a weird gay subplot. These shows always have a weird gay subplot.

SD-34: Stayed up too late staring at code without writing enough. But it is kind of nice to read documentation for two hours while only half paying attention and then write a few lines that theoretically finish something you’ve been working on for months. I know from experience I do need that downtime thinking to tackle big tasks, but it still feels like wasted time. Also I should be sleeping more… but eh. When I wake up in the night I don’t really remember what I was dreaming but I have a half-remembered bit of some programming loop, so my brain’s definitely wired into heavy dev mode.

Just got to leverage that to get the motivation to fix these 38 remaining bugs. Many of which are IE issues or issues with plugins. Essssghhh. Surprised I’ve been putting this off for two weeks. Keep saying my entire week is going to be focused on the issues, but then spending zero time.

Took out the recycling. Was going to go for a walk but then felt too busy. After some quiet days had four different calls which can mix me up. Can’t decide if I want to focus for long periods or if I want my day to be broken up by smaller tasks! Both! Neither!

Neck still kinda hurts but is better. Feeling dizzy again. Wow. Feeling v tired now. But maybe that’s just the usual response I have to having 3 sips of beer. Those always hit the hardest.

Friday. Friday is when I will be productive. Then when that doesn’t happen, Saturday. The weekend. The weekend is when I will be productive. I like crossing things off lists! Why am I avoiding these tasks? At least I’m actually finishing up all the big functionality I’ve been working on for ages.

I’m in the home stretch, baybeeeeee.

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