SD-31: Mondays! Another only semi-productive day at work. I have less pressing deadlines this week, which is less stressful, but makes it easier to procrastinate. I have lots of small tedious issues to fix, which I should be into, but I keep avoiding looking at them. Eesh. Well, the day started strong with some new feature updates in time for a 10am training call that went well. So that’s something. The weather is back to being cold with some snow flurries, which makes my lunchtime walk less appealing.

My neck and back are feeling a little better, but I’m still not 100%. I should probably remember to stop sitting at my computer for so long when I’m not working so I can feel better when I do have to be here.

K.K. Slider showed up this morning! I guess that means I beat Animal Crossing. Except now I have the Island Designer app so my life has been overtaken by drawing paths. If you want to have cities, you’ve got to build roads as Eleanor Roosevelt once said.

SD-32: Tuesday is here! Did I bring my jacket? No. Have I done any meaningful cleaning projects in the past two days? No. I think I took the garbage out yesterday. No, that was Sunday after I vacuumed. How time flies!!! Like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. The moths are back. I said my neck was feeling better but I’ve got that fun dizziness thing going on. Could be dust + seasonal allergies, or could be that brain tumor. It’s not a tumor. Haha cultural references.

Can you tell I’ve had one third of a 4.2% abc Leinenkugels Spritzer? I can!!!! The things I wrote about going well at work for Monday actually happened today. What the eff, self. Monday was status calls, productive new feature additions for my current big site, and some bug fixes. This morning was cleaning up some of those feature additions for the training call. Adding custom roles and user permissions by hand instead of using a plugin! I always feel good about that even though it takes longer and is more brittle, but I’ve already got so many plugins on this site I really hate adding new, big ones at this point when I get the narrow slice of functionality I need by hand.

We’ve been watching Rosemary & Thyme on Amazon Prime through a BritBox trial I forgot to cancel. I am also still paying for Showtime. Eesh. I need to finish Work in Progress since it literally features cameos from friends. It’s amazing. And weird whenever I see what’s nearly my actual Chicago life on tv. That sure didn’t happen in South Dakota! Paul Rust’s character in Love said he was from Brookings but in the episode they went to visit there was a fucking mountain. In eastern South Dakota! The sheer nerve.

I’m gonna have to do more work tonight. I did have a successful hour and a half or so on the couch late last night, so maybe I can continue that model. Time to plugin my laptop.

Who are these for? Myself I guess. My future self. So I can remember what a bad writer with shallow thoughts I am. Can’t put my real thoughts cuz I don’t want that private but I’m too lazy to handwrite these and posting private blog entries for myself just feels extra weird. Maybe I’ll get there soon! Exclamation point.

Time for some video games to reset my brain and guilt me back into working.

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