SD-30: Another nice day, weather-wise, meaning people aren’t really social distancing properly. Though, I will say, lots of people out are wearing masks now, so it’s not as bad as it could be.

Let’s see, I managed to not do any day job work Saturday despite being in the mood for it, so that’s rest and relaxation! I got around to my unnecessary task of adding a COVID-19 banner to the Yuk Hut website, which is silly. I also added some pics from the AW location to the site and posted on the Facebook page for the first time in 9 years. It’s been fun to watch the followers drop from 14 to 13 to 12.

I also went for a spin through the ActiveWorlds COVID-19 response center, which, wow.

I vacuumed. I took out the trash. I went for a walk. I called mom. It’s Easter. It’s her birthday. Brandi joined the video call. So did my niece. Future’s weird. I was out on my walk when we talked. My bandana ended up slipping down. So my ineffectual protection became even mores.

Most important thing today was setting up the Yuk Hut in Animal Crossing.

Did a little work. It was a long week, but still went another week without making any progress through a bug log that I only touched for the first time last Sunday night… Yikes. I got a lot done this week and was very busy! But didn’t find the time to try and knock out a couple things from that list each day. I guess in theory I like focusing on only one thing, though I feel like I’m accomplishing more when I switch through 10 small tasks? I dunno. Life’s overwhelming, dog!

Next big home project is reorganizing my flat files. I don’t think I’ve done that since we moved. It was an all day project last time that took over an entire room… so not really sure when I’ll do it or how. Maybe I can work my way up by finding some old files to shred first.

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