SD-27: Stayed up until 1:30 trying to finish something for work, which I didn’t. I spent a lot of the day building a front end post creator, which I could’ve done using Gravity Forms and its ACF add-on (and apparently an additional add-on to enable creating custom post types), but decided since the site wasn’t using Gravity Forms already and I knew a different portion of front-end content creation wouldn’t make sense for GF, I built it from scratch. Pretend that sentence was well-formatted.

Got out for another walk and had another Starbucks drink. I know it’s probably an unnecessary risk but getting it handed off on a table and wearing gloves while holding the cup makes it seem like an acceptable risk. We’re still ordering food, so it’s certainly no worse than that. Probably better since our drivers haven’t perfected the no contact handoff yet.

SD-28: Another digital happy hour, a first team-only pre-game show, and close to 12 hours of work. Impressed I spent so long on that front end post creator which is in theory “simple” and then in the last hours of my day today created print styles, a PDF export (which I’ve done before), and a CSV export (which was new). The CSV export was the quickest part! At least my work still feels extremely rewarding, even though by the end of the day I was very much at the end of my rope running on less than four and a half hours of sleep. No friend Jackbox or Zooms for me, I needed to turn off my brain and play Animal Crossing on the couch and fall asleep.

I’m really, really happy with how much I’ve grown as a developer in the past six months since starting my new job, but I’m still building new projects in jQuery instead of React. I do feel guilty with every line of code I write, so that’s growth, right?

Had a long fight with jQuery’s AJAX function causing click events to fire twice after being called. Found lots of posts with people having the same issue but no solutions. Then realized instead of just pulling in the line of text on success I thought I was, I was loading the WordPress header and footer so duplicating IDs and loading scripts multiple times. Oops. That took about two hours to fix. Did I mention I built a CSV creator in less than an hour?

SD-29: Project Learn to Make Bloody Mary’s at Home has been a resounding success. The secret? Add horseradish. Having a good premade Bloody Mary mixer probably helps too. The kit we ordered from Warehouse a few weeks ago was really good and is finally gone. Sad!!!11 Also sad to report this week’s turnip market haul was not that impressive. Probably because I don’t have the patience to sit in a queue waiting to access a stranger’s island. Tipping? Fuck you!!!

I still haven’t unlocked terraforming. But K.K. Slider is coming tomorrow, and then I think I will???? Everyone is so much better at this game than me and it hurts my feelings!! Also my FFXIV playing has almost completely dropped off. Where is my time going???? Oh yeah, work and Animal Crossing. With a small amount of time leftover for TV, sleeping, and drinking.

The US now has more COVID-19 deaths than anywhere else in the world. We’re number one!! Pritzker wants to cancel all summer festivals, but Lightfoot says it’s still too early. Pitchfork isn’t looking good. Lots of things saying we have to do this until at least June and even after that things are never going to go back to normal. What fun!

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