SD-26: Had a digital team lunch today. It was really great seeing everyone, but my neck made me feel like I was dying again. Feel so impressed with myself since I don’t think anyone can ever tell! Kinda seemed like another day of spinning my wheels. Worked consistently but don’t feel like I have much to show for it. Feeling fucked for a big project I have to turn over on Friday but have not made much progress on this week. I have nothing but time but still can’t get it together! Why do I get so many thing close to completion without ever finishing them?

Today’s big personal achievements were taking out the garbage and cleaning the fridge. The shelves in the door were extra gross. There’s some sort of congealed liquid in the bottom corner that I think would require unscrewing the drawers to wipe… so gonna have to just let that go I guess? Sad!!

Did a video call with mom and Brandi tonight. It’s tough being apart. They’re struggling with being so close but knowing they shouldn’t really visit. Considering doing a distanced visit, but don’t know if that will be emotionally harder than doing nothing since won’t be able to touch.

Why is CSS animation so hard?

Why does my to-do list never get smaller? CRUD!!!

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