SD-21: Another digital happy hour, with the themes of wigs. These have been really nice because I barely got to see everyone together like this when we were in the office. I had to dip out early for some important games of hide-and-go-seek with my niece in Animal Crossing. Pritzker is now recommending, though not requiring, everyone wear non-medical masks when going outside.

SD-22: Jackbox! Animal Crossing! Laying on the couch trying not to die from neck pain!

SD-23: Cleaned the bathroom! The tub never gets as white as I want. Out damn spot, out I say.

SD-24: This is what going outside looks like now. Happy Monday! I cleaned the top of the stove and descaled the shower head.

SD-25: It’s 70 and sunny in Chicago. I’ve opened the window. Can’t wait to see the mayor and governor yell at us for going outside and enjoying ourselves too much. I really hope Chicago closes some streets because there are so many joggers now and with all parks closed, there’s nowhere else to go.

Everyone in Animal Crossing is starting to terraform and I don’t know how to unlock it and I’m scared to ask. Neck still hurts, but I’m getting a fair amount of work done.

Feeling tense about how much ginger ale Dane is drinking. That’s the extent of my survival instincts.

Can’t believe I let so many days lapse with this. The days take years but the weeks take seconds.

Work is crazy. I’m thankful to be busy, but the neck and back issues I’m having on top of my anxiety makes it hard to focus as much as I’d like. I’m having some success just letting myself stop working during the day and working longer stretches at night.

The Starbucks near us has reopened for mobile pickup orders from 8–1:30. I went out for my daily walk and got an iced matcha latte to have some sense of normalcy / a treat. Wearing a bandana face masks and foodservice gloves to pick it up from the table the Starbucks employee wearing a black mask left it on was… strange. Then I felt guilty walking down the boulevard drinking it with my mask off. It’s now about 50/50 outside of people wearing masks vs. not. Strange daysssssss.

Today I descaled the dishwasher. It’s been leaking on the normal cycle, so hopefully this helps… some pieces also seemed loose.

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