SD-18: Work, man. Also I spent way too much time trying to catch a Stringfish in Animal Crossing. BUT I DID IT! I did not catch a Sturgeon however. Podcasts.

SD-19: I seem to have severely fucked up my neck. Spent the morning thinking I was having a heart attack, panic attack, brain tumor, or dying since sitting in my office chair was making me feel like I was going to pass out. I ended up entombing myself in pillows and moving to the couch, where I ended up getting more work done than I have been, including making progress on some complex API integrations I’ve been working on for months. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery / medical emergency!

SD-20: The sun has returned! I keep forgetting to wear sunglasses when I go outside for walks, which is causing painful squinting. My neck is still very sore today, but I don’t have the tension migraine feeling like I’m going to faint and die. Only six to 17 more months of staying indoors to go! Making more progress on work stuff. After struggling getting cron events working, realized it was bugged in the new hosting environment and contacted support. And they got it fixed! Why did I put this off so long. Oh, right, I have a shit ton of other stuff on my list I’m still working through.

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