SD-15: What even is a weekend anymore? Had a lovely Zoom brunch with friends and then did some Zoom Jackbox at night. Still haven’t figured out the perfect Jackbox setup yet. Twitch might be better since it brings audio with it, but I hate making people use so many different apps.

SD-16: I (forever) have lots of day job work to do, so I was finally motivated to do my taxes! I owe money. Yay. It’s gonna be more than the stimulus check I get back from the government. Awesome. Also finally completed the 2020 census! And answered an email! Thus after months finally got back to Inbox Zero in my personal email account.

SD-17: Ah… Mondays. I put on pants again, but work was only semi-productive. Turns out the many tasks instead of focusing on one big thing was more important than whether or not I was wearing hard pants. This will I’ll be making lots of little edits to a big site, so that’ll probably be easier to focus on than this first big build out of a self-directed site. I know what I have to do… but… things. Stuff. Videogames.

Looks like we probably got at least another month of this. I’m still not going outside enough. Some new road construction started outside this morning, which seems crazy after our street just spent a year torn up. I’m a little worried I can’t remember any details when I’m writing this one or two days after they happened. Still haven’t figured out the best time to actually do them. It’s pretty much just a constant cycle of work, anxiety, Animal Crossing, twitter, anxiety.

My throat’s felt closed up since last Wednesday. It’s feeling a little better and more like mucus draining. My mom recommended Mucinex, which we don’t have, so I’m tripping on Sudafed instead. Matt was coughing on Friday which made me anxious. Dane’s coughing today which makes me anxious. We all feel fine otherwise. No fevers. Dane says it’s a productive cough. I think the efflorescence in our place makes spending so much time inside unhealthy. Too dusty! I vacuum every week, but could do more. I actually want to be doing more cleaning, but despite being homebound am still struggling to find the time.

My 6-year-old niece has Facebook Messenger for Kids now and can send me photos and voice messages. I have not responded to her yet. I’m a bad uncle. I hate to say this, and I try to avoid annoying ~*~introvert~*~ discourse… but I’m talking to people more in all this than I would be otherwise. I’m still not even that busy, but all the social Zoom calls feel overwhelming. But I should do more. I need to do more. I have nothing but time, and there’s still not enough! Have I written that yet? Probably!

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