SD-13: So this happened:

This also happened:

That link was broken for the first few minutes after the alert went out, which is something I felt in my bones. Links are hard. Always good to double check before sending a push alert to 2.8 million people.

Did you know emails are hard? So hard.

SD-14: Spent the work day running maintenance for our clients. Was I able to focus because I put on pants or because I had 12 tedious tasks to complete with clearly delineated steps versus one large self-directed project? The world may never know. The colored ASCII in the updated version of Lando is keeping me going.

This was a new one. Oops.

Work’s digital happy hour was cute. After this screenshot I finally found the option to show up to 50 screens at once so I won’t have to switch back and forth between two screens to see everyone.

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