SD-12: Another unfocused day of work, but somehow I managed to work for almost 13 hours. I think maybe I need to let myself not work in the periods when I’m struggling to focus since I get nothing done other than increase my anxiety. Working from home is great! I did manage to get outside for a 45 minute walk around Logan Square since it was sunny and almost 60. Apparently lots of other people had the same idea, so now the lake front trail and 606 are closed today because people were overcrowding and not practicing social distancing. Sigh. This is gonna last awhile.

In-between all the important day job work, I also had to pay off my third home loan in Animal Crossing since I knew resident services would be closed today. I think that means Isabelle tomorrow??? Yayyyy.

Something something Tiger King.

Who has time or the emotional capacity for all these Zoom events? I’m busy working, crossing animals, and feeling existential dread! My throat keeps feeling like it’s closing up, which I’m assuming is anxiety. Telling myself is anxiety. Wheeoooooooooooo. Keysmash. I have things to do. Emails to answer. Work to finish. Legs to uncross.

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