SD-11: Everyones been doing COVID-19 emails. That would’ve been a good meme a few weeks ago. Still not focusing great but also working longer hours than I’d like. There’s so much to do and I am very overwhelmed. Just feeling very whelmed all around. My schedule is pretty open so I can actually in theory focus on the world, but I had two conference calls scheduled at the same time today because that’s how life is is.

I’m listening to an episode of Planet Money and they keep talking about Spearfish, South Dakota. Spearfish, Spreadish, Spreafish.

I haven’t left the house at all for several days. I have to start taking walks. But it’s been cold. It snowed. Jesus Christ this is tedious. Things are fine. Life is practically normal. I cleaned my desk this morning. It’s always dusty at home. We still need to get the brick replaced. That should’ve happened this spring, but it’s lucky we didn’t actually schedule it because it’d be a nightmare to be dealing with that right now.

We’re only really a little past a week into this and Trump and republicans are now saying we have to stop social distancing and save the economy instead of saving lives, which is insane.

We can’t do this forever, but we do have to do it for awhile.

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