SD-9:¬†Matt’s finally fallen victim to the Animal Crossing craze as well. I vacuumed. I didn’t leave the house. We ordered dinner from Warehouse, my favorite lunch spot during my last days at Bond. Restaurants are allowed to sell alcohol for delivery and carryout now, so we picked up a $40 Bloody Mary kit for next weekend. It even included a bucket and a plastic tub of garnish. Getting it Sunday night wasn’t exactly the best timing, but we’ll see how much the normal flow of work breaks down this week. I may need to switch to writing these in the present instead of trying to do the day before because my brain isn’t even holding on to that that well.

Let’s see, Animal Crossing, vacuuming, dusting, Animal Crossing, then finally five hours attempting to get some automated functions working for a major website I’m working on for work. Back and neck are started to hurt again and I stayed up until after midnight trying to get code working, which I never did. I at least moved forward in putting together functions I probably should’ve had complete weeks ago. It’s weird that I’ve considered myself permanently two weeks behind in my own life for years now, and now one of the major themes of these end times is the US being two weeks behind Italy. Maybe I can use all this time at home to finally catch up on my own life (lol). I still need to do taxes. They’re not due April 15th anymore… but still.

We’re really only a week into the biggest part of the shutdown (so far…) and we’ve got predictions saying this could last for 18 months to people freaking out and saying this is unsustainable and sending people back outside in a week. Neither of those options seem smart or possible.

SD-10: Found out work’s on a hiring freeze officially now and that a lot of people are “light” and I’m just like… lol. I want to be doing half the work I am being trying to focus right now is a nightmare. That’s how I get to 2pm without even starting on the project I mean to be spending the entire day on. Mondays!!!!! Dane made lasagne Saturday night. Key smash. Focus. What am I doing. Maybe I haven’t lost anything by not having a live journal after all.

We have nothing but time but there are not enough hours in the day.

This morning on a status Zoom call I set my backdrop to look like the office, which is a weird thing to do if you really think about it. Who knew we’d miss it so much!

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