SD-8: Weird how the world’s ending and I’ve still got work to do. And by work, I mean weeds to pick, fish to catch, bugs to net, and loans to pay off. Crazy how perfect of a quarantine game Animal Crossing is. This could all seem so quaint in a few weeks! Wheeee ugh. Doing daily journals is weird when you can’t really go outside and do anything, thus don’t generate any worthwhile experiences to journal about. I felt like I should’ve worked today, but decided to keep Saturday free for relaxing so I can torpedo Sunday. (Spoiler: It’s 2pm Sunday and I’ve yet to start anything. I did vacuum. Shit, gonna run out of things to post tomorrow if I put it here).

Matt FaceTimed with his mom, sister, and her family. His nephew has been out of school for a few weeks already in Pennsylvania, and they’re not doing remote learning at all because it would be inequitable. It’s gonna be a long, long time before things ever go back to “normal”. Or maybe never? Fun times!!!!1111 Agh. Spiraling writing this more than I am in reality. Mostly dealing with normal tension between work and wanting to play video games, which would be happening even if there wasn’t a global pandemic. Only difference was I was working longer hours before switching to WFH, so I’d be slightly further along in my projects, which is dumb.

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