SD-6: What even is time any more? Why can’t I decide on what tense to write these in? Probably because I feel so tense!! I spend the first three hours of my work day writing an email (it was a very complicated email) promising to have complex work delivered on Monday… which means I’ll have to try and force myself to actually do that work over the weekend. At least the concept of “weekend” no longer has meaning. Then, after several unsuccessful sub-seven hour days of work, I end up working for close to 12. Gonna have to figure out a balance.

SD-7: Prtizker has announced a state-wide “stay at home” directive going into effect Saturday. It doesn’t seem to change anything we’ve already been doing. Dane will still have to go to work since hardware stores are deemed essential.

Work has its first digital happy hour, which is pretty cute. Reply All did a live video show at night with a bunch of guests playing Angels and Demons, which was similar to Werewolf. It was eh, but these are trying times! Then, in a true sign of the end of the world, Matt set up his Twitch in order to host several rounds of Jackbox. Turns out Push The Button in Party Pack 6 is also Werewolf. But complicated! After the first go round it was pretty great. Just gotta work out some kinks in the setup.

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