SD-5: We’ve mutually agreed to close borders with Canada, and that’s a fine and normal thing now. Somehow forgot to mention against the advice of the CDC and WHO, I went out and voted for Bernie Sanders yesterday. People aren’t happy Illinois didn’t postpone the election. Biden won. This morning I went to Walgreen’s to pick up some prescriptions. The pharmacist brushed my hand. Felt like I might die. Even after this thing is all over, which it hopefully will be someday, we’re gonna traumatized by those small moments that used to seem so innocent and now just look like flashing red vectors for disease transmission.

I got more work done today than Monday and Tuesday combined, but still nowhere close to my usual productivity level. I have to find ways to break up my day since struggling in front of my computer for 9 hours to get 2 hours of work done isn’t great.

A lot of podcasts are switching to release episodes more frequently. Reply All is doing a daily call-in show.

Feel like I’m missing the big details for how fucked things feel right now.

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