SD-3: First official day of work from home, which was originally supposed to be an office-wide drill but has turned into ongoing until March 30th/???? policy instead. Focusing on work does not go well.

We have a company-wide Zoom meeting, which despite having 50+ people on the line, does go well. I conduct a WordPress training session with a client, which despite my usual dry mouth, also goes well. I make roughly zero progress on the project I intended to spend my entire day on however. I do revise my home setup to no longer require a SSH passphrase when committing to Git which will save me about 500 hours going forward.

I receive a text from my father and learn he’s in Las Vegas for spring break. His hotel has been closed and his flight’s been cancelled. He flew in on Friday the 13th. He’s stuck in the airport waiting for another flight.

Around six I give up on trying to get any work done and resign myself to zonking out.

SD-4: Work goes slightly better. I’m forced to install Outlook in my Windows virtual machine. I sit in on an interview which is my first video-enabled post-social distancing call. Unfortunately tech troubles torpedo the first attempt and on the second attempt we have to switch to phone only due to audio issues. The tinfoil hat portion of my brain didn’t predict this global pandemic, but I’ve been anticipating a global internet outage for awhile. Let’s see if we get there!

I do some research to see where the best spot in the apartment to videoconference from is.

99% Invisible released a new episode today. It’s great, and not just because of the supporter credits… I should buy a new chair.

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