Well if a global pandemic isn’t an excuse to get back into blogging, I don’t know what is.

Social Distancing, Day 0 (Friday, March 13): Work offered an optional work from home day in preparation for a mandatory, office-wide work from home drill on Monday. I went in because I had a major deadline and focus better in the office. The CTA was slightly emptier than usual, but no one was wearing a mask. I arrived a little earlier than usual at 8:40something to a dark office and locked door, immediately questioning my decision to come in. I swipe through and hear two voices in the kitchen though the main work area is all dark. Two of my team members who were going to come in decide not to. In total six people from our 50 person team showed up. Going out at lunch didn’t feel too different than usual.

At night, Dane’s laptop fails. I decide to give Dane my 2016 13″ MacBook Pro since I’ll be inside and have my 2019 15″ from work to rely on. I then realize leaving my power cable at work may have been a mistake. I call my mom. Anxiety is high.

SD-1: It’s Saturday, a day I spend inside half the time anyway. Feeling anxious from too much twitter I’m unable to distract myself with video games and decide to switch to TV instead. I have a beer and eat a piece of Matt’s leftover birthday ice cream cake from Thursday. I fall asleep watching Mulan and woke up with a splitting headache. I’m not gonna handle the apocalypse very well. Matt spends all day at a friend’s playing Dungeons and Dragons. Dane’s on the couch with a headache from grinding teeth all day. I don’t leave the house.

Illinois governor Pritzker and Chicago mayor Lightfoot are very annoyed at how many people still went out to bars for St. Patrick’s Day, though despite cancelling the parade and river dye such gatherings were only discouraged, not banned. Chaos erupts at O’Hare as people flood the airport as a result of Trump’s EU travel ban. Large crowds wait for hours to clear customs.

SD-2: Have somewhat restless sleep. Find out Matt was calling at 3am because he forgot his keys. Luckily Dane woke up to let him in. Dane’s on the couch all day again with a stomach bug. Matt’s in bed because of a hangover. Our immune systems are stronger than ever. Minnesota has closed all schools. Call mom. Anxiety remains high. Shortly after I get off the phone, Pritzker announces all bars and restaurants will be closed for dine-in until March 30 starting end of business tomorrow.

The sun’s out and I took out the garbage and washed the sheets on the guest bed. Spring’s gonna make this thing disappear. One day it’ll be gone, like a miracle. Steph messaged me on Facebook. She’s visiting Emma for her birthday. I mention all this time indoors might let me prep for Construction Paper Angst‘s 20th anniversary next year. I tell her to save a random page from the throuple diary (triary?) for future historians and burn the rest.

Matt is watching Beauty & the Beast.

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