A few days ago I drew a diagram showing how Dosh (the musician I saw perform with/open for Andrew Bird last Friday) connected to everything. I decided it did not matter because I was creating the ties. I was interested in the connections because I had not heard of Dosh or Andrew Bird prior to seeing the concert. After the show I started noticing Dosh and Fog everywhere.

Today on the phone I asked my sister if she had heard of Andrew Bird. “Yes,” she replied, “I think I sent you one of his CDs.” I asked if she was kidding. I then walked over to the stack of CDs she mailed me a month or so ago and found a burned copy of Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs.

I bought that CD after the concert.

An egg is more of an oval than a circle, yet the concept of eternal return means I keep finding myself in the same coffee houses.

Moral of the story: Don't send a list of addresses to charity when you go out of town. They might write a letter to your ex-boyfriend.

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