I fly out Saturday morning to Philadelphia and return the following Friday. Since I am doing research on Marcel Duchamp's display in museums, it occurred to me I might want to visit the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I also just noticed the Armory Show (a revival of the original international exhibition of modern art that made Duchamp (in)famous in America) is showing March 10-13.

Do I change my hostel reservations and spend a few days in New York or do I just take a greyhound for a day… or too ($34 return; money isn't a huge issue, but doing multiple day trips seems odd). I have never been to New York or Philadelphia for that matter. I wish I had a travel buddy.

Are there cheaper ways to get to New York? How's the New York subway and is walking 15 blocks after dark in Philadelphia safe? I feel ridiculous because I breezed through Paris, London, Rome, and the like with minimal problems, but now I am stressing out over America. I am out of travel practice.

Maybe I should book the three day advance Greyhound to New York for Sunday and come back at 6 or something. Or meet someone nice and come back Tuesday. Crap. I am going to need at least a few hours at the MoMA and have no idea what to expect at the Armory Show.

I suppose I should clarify part of my problem. Monday is the last day of the Armory Show, but the MoMA is not open Mondays. Fitting everything into Sunday (my first alleged full day in Philadelphia) feels sketchy.

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