[archived from: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mccu0154/mugwump/2006/02/more_campus_posters.html]

Here are a few more posters I’ve done for groups around campus. The day after the astronomy club posters were hung, two friends came into the Tweed talking about it and sat next to me. The female friend was laughing because she kept reading the poster as “as. tronomy.” two words. I confessed to making the poster. Then I told her I made the “get publis hed” poster too. She asked if I’d taken a typography course. Ergh.


Bad typography aside, I made this as a followup poster for the Literary Guild. I hoped to achieve something bold and actually legible. The struggle continues. As a bonus, I finally discovered the “live trace” function in Illustrator CS2, and my life may never be the same again.


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