I am extremely dizzy and shaky. Is it the caffeine, lack of sleep, or psychotic need to unpack the new house? Who knows! I am now in Mound, and it’s not as bad as I expected. I never knew the suburbs flowed unceasingly out from the cities. These people have no concept of the middle of nowhere.

All the walls are white and bare. The carpet is white. The doors are white. Townhomes are beautiful.

Mother, sister, and I went to the Mall of America today. I hadn’t been for a few years. I felt chills when I saw H&M and then proceeded to buy the entire store. I had been in serious withdrawal for the past seven months it seems. Good thing I do not actually live here, or I would bankrupt myself on fashion (I’m looking sooo good). In the Ridgedale mall yesterday I saw a random person from Duluth as well as an England kid (I think). Today in the MoA I saw two kids from high school and one possible nihilist. Still beats Super Wal*Mart in Brookings for spotting the past.

On my ride home yesterday, we got horribly lost looking for an Afghani restaurant and drove past R.’s apartment, which was odd. Living this close to the cities makes me feel like a sell-out. Now I am no different from the rest of UMD students. Curses!

So many books to read, boxes to unpack, and things to do. I am at a loss. Sister and I shall escape to Perkins post-x-mas. I need to go to the Walker and see some gay cowboys in Uptown. Actual “cultural” opportunities are odd. I AM CONFUSED. Everything seems gayer here, myself included since I have been wearing my over-long rainbow scarf constantly.

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