Guess what I made to eat this morning… I hope me beans prepare me for me photo final better than me shredded mini wheats prepared me for my logic final (a fiasco to be sure!). The best part was how beans taste exactly the same no matter where you eat them. Knife and Fork? My Bedroom? Same difference, only Bud's hair isn't quite as cool as the Bride of Frankenfrofrizz lady from Brum. I am drinking some earl grey now, and I just paged through my travel journal to figure out where I was last year. December 20th was the day I picked up my mom and sister from Heathrow but was late because I wanted to have the free breakfast at the hostel… I am pretty much awesome. We attended Chicago, but mum and sis fell asleep. Jet lag is no place for a mighty warrior!

Thanks to the Facebook's new “pulse” feature, I know that 3.4% of Minnesota listens to Coldplay (“I know you're gay because…”).

I went to Amazing Grace last night via bus. I've been doing that a lot. I tell myself using public transportation means I am taking control of my own destiny. Open mic night consisted of one.. aetheral hippie(?)-zen dude who played various kinds of flutes. He started his set by welcoming everyone to eternity. I have a sneaking suspicion a Zen Koan is a story with an ending that makes no sense. Though, I don't think I should trust him as a source. He read several “ha-kus” (as he pronounced them) of varying syllable lengths. Poetry is fine, but don't call freeverse a sonnet. And don't mispronounce it while doing it.

I think coffee houses have a predisposition towards forming cults. I mean support groups that may or may not have a Christian element. I felt out of place, but the caffeine also made me disassociate from reality also. Everything evened out. I'd forgotten how baked beans can make your throat burn. Two days forward and one day back brings me to my first trip to Edinburgh. Anyone want to go to Hogmany this year? My time in Rome was magical, but I think I'm ready for a change. In reality I might be stuck in the townhome I've never been to this New Years. I need to find someone to kiss. I refuse to be unlucky in love for another year, and twenty kissless New Years are a few too many.

My x-mas doom sure is “wrapping” up. Har har.

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