Santa won't be coming as I am still awake and there's no fireplace. Oh well, I made cookies regardless.

I have a cute family:

And a very long, gay scarf:

There will be more pictures of that scarf in the future (and how!). Did I mention that the H&M in the Mall of America is right next to a freaking Crépe Stand? It is. And they have Nutella. The next store over is an Italian restaurant I think. Wtf mate?

I watched (and received) Betty Blue tonight. Movies should not be three hours, regardless of how French, amazing, or about giant gorillas (and/or wizards and elves) they are. It's a new favorite, but damn. I also received Breathless, A Man Without A Country (Vonnegut's newest), and some sacrilicious thing by Gore Vidal (who I need to read more of).

I've been deleting random files from this (the home) computer. I decided my mom didn't need to see pictures of friends shirtless or me in drag. She has already seen all of this and more, naturally, but I am banking on a poor memory.

I leave you with an action shot:

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