All I have left to do is study for my photography and logic finals. This week went more swimmingly than expected. I even twice escaped to Perkins. The second time was a beautiful excursion at two am involving an escape from the painting studio into a land of snow and gossip about other kids in our painting class. I like people and Perkins more than sleep. I keep forgetting that naps before noon lead to psychotic dreams.

Over break I shall be making my website all slick and graphic design-y like all the cool kids have. Bud seemed to think I should separate my portfolio site. Screw that. All is myrthco, regardless of quality! No entity without identity! To be is to be a bounded variable!

I need to learn how to better document work, but here is a sneak peak at how my painting final turned out.

London bridge is titled Heart of Darkness, the Shambles-ish scene is The Importance of Being Earnest, and the other two are History of Poetry I & II. They're all inspired by T.S. Eliot's Wasteland. Painting on collaged book pages is fun, so are palette knifes and literary references. The new website will have a portfolio section that has descriptions of the art.

Thank you friends for the time we shared.

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