Now that I have heard more than four Coil songs, I really really like them. Sigh. Staircases should be outlawed (except for anal ones).

In 24 hours, I will be seeing Modest Mouse. In Brum! In a small room. In a week, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Heather in Berlin. That is going to be fan-fuckingtastic. In a month, I will be in Budapest with (possibly) Heather, Mike, and Greg. All of us are going to Prague for sure. Look what I did today:


Sunday 12 December
Check in opens 3:45 PM; Closes 5:15 PM
Nottingham East Midlands To Prague
flight 6503; dep. 17:45; arr. 20:50

Wednesday 15 December
Check in opens 09:50 AM; Closes 11:20 AM
Prague To Dortmund
flight 4934; dep. 11:50; arr. 13:05

Thursday 16 December
Check in opens 08:25 AM; Closes 09:55 AM
Dortmund To Budapest(terminal 2B)
flight 4925; dep. 10:25; arr. 12:20

Sunday 19 December
Check in opens 08:40 AM; Closes 10:10 AM
Budapest(terminal 2B) To London Luton
flight 2582; dep. 10:40; arr. 12:10

Total paid

Teehee. So many airplanes. I knew I had to book my flights because it was SNOWING! Snow in Brum is amazing and beautiful and wow. I should have gone out to run around in it, but it was nice just looking at. I was busy researching cheap flights to Prague! It took a bit of leg work. I shall be leaving from Nottingham, which is (or once was) home to , who I really need to get pissed with. I wonder if that can be arranged. I think flying out of a place other than London is a bit cheaper and more convenient. We are taking the train there! Whee.

Once I fly back to London, I shall meet my mom and sister. Then we have this!

Tuesday 21 December
Check in opens 04:50 AM; Closes 06:20 AM
London Gatwick To Edinburgh
flight 701; dep. 06:50; arr. 08:20

Monday 27 December
Check in opens 04:10 AM; Closes 05:40 AM
Edinburgh To London Luton
flight 12; dep. 06:10; arr. 07:30

Total paid

We might fly to Dublin or Belfast and back in one day, just because we're crazy. Then… then! We might go to Paris for three days. Dec 30th is exciting because Maren flies in (and terribly sad because Mom and sister whom I love dearly fly away). Maren and I are… going to do something. I think I might suggest a short term eurail pass. We can train it through Europe for a bit then. If not, we can do some more insane flying. I think Spain is in my future, as well as Paris again. She has some other places she wants to go, so I need to start planning that.

I only have a hotel booked for one night in London and for six nights in Scotland. meep.

I am very happy to have some of this crap done. Now I just have to write a (bullshit) five page geology paper, an 8-10 page history paper (so much more research to do. crapcrapcrap), a 2000 word textual analysis of a film (I chose Station Agent… no idea why), and a British Politics final paper (I got a C+ on the first one. That is the lowest grade I have recieved in… a long time. I have nightmares now. Fucking academics. I am sure my Shakespeare class will find something fun for me to do. I have been slacking off majorly in my art class, and I have no idea what I can do to salvage that mess. In geology I have two more labs and two tests to do; I think I shall just finish the labs once and for all this weekend. Wow, when I put it like this, I feel less overwhelmed.

Oh. wait. I have a bitch of a midterm on Monday in History of Early Modern England. I think I just need a smidgeon of review + a shitload of reading on the Reformation, which is not terribly bad, just something that needs to happen. Schoolwork makes me a bad boyfriend; I once again cannot go home with Tom to meet his parents and faghag. Agh, such a beautiful trainwreck :).

Eeeee Berlin. Eeeeeeeeeeee Modest Mouse. Dec 9th, or last night here (I think), The Dresden Dolls are coming to BIRMINGHAM which is INSANE. I shall be going with Mike, and hopefully some others.

Shit. I just missed Bright Eyes in London… yesterday. Hmmm… the Faint:
11.29 Mon. Bristol. UK Fleece w/ Beep Beep
11.30 Tue. London. UK Mean Fiddler w/ Beep Beep
12.03 Fri. Liverpool. UK Academy w/ Beep Beep

Damn, they will be playing in Dortmund, but not the night I am there. Hmmm, maybe I can get from Oxford to Liverpool and see them in Liverpool. I would really like to see them… and Liverpool would be fun.

So… yes. How very random of me. CPA was not an inside joke, it was just delightfully esoteric! I love's all of you's to pieces…. SNOW!!!

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