SD 317–337: Here we are three weeks later and three and a half weeks into the Biden era. Trump was just acquitted a second time on impeachment after some brief drama this morning over the possibility of witnesses being called. It was inevitable though I feel that mindset is harmful but here we are regardless.

Work’s been rough. Life’s rough. Still a pandemic going on. I’ve seen lots of friends on social media get vaccinated, which is excited. Still feel a little hopeless / impatient as to when it’ll be my turn. Chicago had said May 31st. Then that was too optimistic. Now maybe it’s sooner? Who knows! We really thought we’d just be working from home for a week! Sigh.

Don’t think we’re quite prepared for how traumatic it’s gonna be going back into the world on a large scale. As a person of reverse culture shock experience…

Feeling bad at my job for the first time in quite some time. Hopefully I can use that to drive me to be better and grow / improve etc. It’s gonna require majorly going outside my comfort zone which I’m notoriously not good at so… we’ll see.

Should I do my taxes this weekend? Overextending myself with freelance really boosts my productivity elsewhere.

Slept in an hour today. Felt guilty. Put in laundry. It all had weird white stuff so I scrubbed the inside of the drum and sliced up my finger before running it again. Then felt very close to fainting despite not really being squeamish about blood. Not sure what what’s about! The second wash with rinse seemed to have worked at least. Small victories.

Did a small amount of day job work today which crossed off a to do list item as well as something I’ve been putting off for months, so that’s good. But unfortunately didn’t include the actual portion of the work that’s due next week. Sigh.

Not feeling great about work life balance lately and not sure what’s going on. I feel like I’m always working even though I’m only logging ~45 hours. I’m sleeping 7 hours a night. Where’s all the other time going? ~existing~? ~vibing~? Idk. I finished the first three Expanse books. They were good! Some of the writing is silly! 4/5 space stars.

Should I do my taxes this weekend? Hope I don’t owe several thousand dollars like last year!!

Sigh, sigh, and more sigh.

Edit: oh, this happened. Two, three? years later. I am free.

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