SD 296–316: Welllllllll…. didn’t realize I hadn’t written since the 6th. What an interesting three weeks in America the start of 2021 has been. So let’s see:

SD 299: Insurrection at the Capitol

SD 306: Trump impeached for the second time

SD 313: Biden inaugurated

I knew the 6th was gonna be bad. Not because I’m psychic but because I pay attention.

I went for a walk around when the rioters were right outside the building and things were sounding dire on Twitter but I decided I was maybe catastrophizing and if it really was serious I’d get a push notification from the New York Times. Then of course right at the end of my walk came the notification that Pence had been rushed out of the chamber after the building was breached. Ah, good times. And this came on the heel of really great news out of Georgia from the day before with Dems eking out control of the senate!

Anyway, focusing on work became very difficult. Matt and I had ice cream because why not treat yourself at the world burns. I then spent the next two weeks convinced Trump was going to declare martial law, start a war with Iran, or do something equally crazy to try to hold onto power. But then Twitter, Facebook, and everyone else either temporarily or permanently suspended Trump from their platforms and somehow that worked to shut him up despite being literally the most powerful person in the world with a 24 hour press room in his house.

me post-insurrection

Though it seems like we’re going to hear more about what was tried during that time as we get deeper into Biden’s presidency.

Trump was impeached by the House only a week later which felt like it took too long at the time but now does feel historically fast with a little distance past it.

Vaguely remember every day lasting a year and having a billion things to do at work and somehow getting it done despite everything. Though I have filled my to do list with aspirational tasks so I’m feeling anxious about not actually doing them while dragging my feet on actual work with firm deadlines. Semi-firm deadlines. January’s been kind of a mess, TBH!

We had MLK day off from work which was a nice gesture but at 6:30am I woke up to a car alarm that I thought in my half-asleep haze was my phone going off with a presidential emergency alert declaring martial law. I’ve mentioned it’s been normal times lately?

Oh, there’s also a new more contagious variant of COVID going around. Or maybe it’s not more contagious, it’s just more deadly. Either way, fun!

But then, after everything, we made it to Wednesday, January 20th. And while Biden had his historic swearing in which I was live streaming on YouTube on our television, I was distracted by unsuccessfully trying to update a payment method on Apple’s website. Sigh. I’ll always remember where I was when the website wouldn’t take my gift cards and put temporary holds on every one of my credit cards.

And then that night I only caught the last minute or so of Katy Perry’s Fireworks performance. Luckily I was able to watch a replay. But so disappointing of me to not be up on Katy!!! In my defense I was busy playing FFXIV with friends in an attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy or something.

Unfortunately after Biden’s swearing in, all problems in my life did not immediately go away. Still not focusing super well. Oops. Just gotta close my eyes real tight and wish away all the Trump memories / nightmares.

Do I have anything else interesting to share? Was anything I already shared interesting? No on two counts I suppose! Hmm. Blergh. Time to switch back to weekly updates since I forget too much waiting 2–3 weeks.

me eating an ice cream sandwich in Joe Biden’s America

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