Would it be amiss for me to say I miss animated gifs? The internet of my youth was littered with them. I suppose I should be looking in the darker halls of MySpace to find them again. Our dear once-clean Facebook won’t animate them.

The reason I bring this up is that I was without internet at the laundromat yesterday and decided to investigate whether Photoshop could make gifs. I was pleased to learn it can.

Naturally, this lead to a few quick experiments.
Brandi blink

Santa dance

The first two feature my sister and the last two are from childhood home movies. The last one is my father in boxers and monster mask. More on those home movies in the future.

In order to feed my new old obsession, I stumbled across Loopable, which is a blog devoted to gifs. Sadly it hasn’t updated since July.

The archives, however, yield amazing results:

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