Besides girls... this is how I wasted my weekend.
Besides girls… this is how I wasted my weekend., originally uploaded by Von P..

This is what I did last weekend. Surprisingly I haven’t done much since.

Apart from watching Boy Meets World. And Mommie Dearest. And Fox and His Friends. And Cecil B. Demented. And having that follow up interview. I also did the boyfriend’s dishes. I also caught up on some important television.

In good news, I get my laptop back tomorrow after being out of service a week due to harddrive failure and backup at the Apple store due to Hurricane Ike knocking out the service center in Houston. I have a sample project to do in hopes of convincing some people to hire me. Eek.

Oh fragmentation.

I had other things to insert in here. Like the pleasant sensation I had when staring at the boyfriend while he went on about some English class he’s taking. The way he move. The previous entry was more worked up than it should have been.

I went to Pilsen, Chicago’s art district, last night for the annual artist open house/gallery hop. It was generally awful. Somehow the baseline for quality in art here in Chicago is not that far above Duluth. I need to get involved because my own shit is destined to shine. Perhaps. Perhaps not. I made my first painting in almost a year today. It was of a cat with an eyepatch. I’ll get the knack back. It’ll just take some practice.

Sometimes I feel like if I wore contacts, bought tacky sunglasses, and shopped solely at American Apparel I’d feel a lot better about life.

Oh and has anyone seen Gypsy 83? Can we talk about it? It should have been awful, but it wasn’t. The last seen of goth girl spinning in front of the twin towers did make me think inappropriate things, but still. Amish sex. Frat boy sex. Night of a thousand Stevies. Because as you know, Stevie Nicks is the gothest thing next to K-mart.

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