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I was really happy with this and considered it final, but when I started showing people I felt hesitation. The stamp and date will go to the right to make an overly stable base for the image. poster1.jpg

The poster is more about subtlety, so I don’t think I like the huge lettering here. It shows you better my tracing of some typography. I am attached to how “SELF-TITLED” looks (not that I’m even sure that’s my final show title), but I am open to criticism.

Playing around with collage some more here. Bud suggested incorporating the show information into the book pages, which I thought was clever. I need to print this one to see if it works in the real world.


Close up of the collage poster. It’s sort of a word find. I’ve never been one for distressed/illegible typography, so this collaged word-find approach was kind of fun. I repeat the information to make it a little less obscure. postcard1.jpg

A secondary idea inspired by too much abstraction. For the hair posters, I definitely need to use a silouhette of this year. The hair idea was inspired by how hair is in reality a poor determinate of gender, as lots of men have long hair and lots of women short, but it marked me as a 9th grader. This school picture inspired the entire painting series, and was cause for plenty of angst. The covered eyes hint at discomfort with the image. In a final version, I’d physically collage the title over the image and have visible tape.

Back of the postcard. I like the computer-based hand lettering, but it does not work mixed with digital versions of the same font I think. The concept is that I’m primarily a design major, but the show is going to be 95% studio based. It’s also a critique of the awful typography show cards have.

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