I really miss not using adverbs.

The Decemberists are playing First Ave on Sunday, November 12. Who wants to go? And by go, I mean drive my carless, music-appreciating ass. The Decemberists sing excessively long songs about whales. And they are awesome, excessively so. I will force music upon everyone until they are convinced. In other news, I am dreaming about […]

Nostalgia and Poetry: A Demonstration

“What if you could slowly convert yourself into energy? Just enough let‚Äôs say, to power your television. Well, it would work. The thing would glow of entertainment, news, and sports. assuming your eyes didn‚Äôt get converted first, you‚Äôd watch empires fall, you‚Äôd see actual sweeping social change, not the stuff on tv. and you‚Äôd watch […]

furious circles coalescing

All art, some would say, is a form of masturbation. That theme has unintentionally arisen in some of my projects (my loner series was meant to represent loneliness, but something about making out with myself in a corner is masturbatory I guess). I bring this up because I'm reading about Futurists at the moment, and […]