Topher spinning
Opening a conference on design by reading the yellow pages may not be the best idea, but who am I to judge genius? I spent the weekend following around famous designers wearing thick rimmed glassess and sweaters over collared shirts, looking for myself. I went on a tour of the Wassau Paper Mill in Brainerd. So did the designer of the album art for Wilco- A Ghost is Born. I realized having style sometimes means doing the same thing over and over again, while a penguin watches. I danced to the Devil's Flying Machine. I think the person responsible for the new HP campaign “the computer is personal again” stared at me. Paul Sahre spread the luv directly to me and 300 other people. I went to Zorbaz and it waz zweet, but the zign outzide that zaid “Watch the game here Saturday!” waz off brand. Zhould have zaid Zaturday. Zeriouzly.

The photographs are his, not mine. Sadly.
Contemplating the serpent

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