more campus posters

[archived from:] Here are a few more posters I’ve done for groups around campus. The day after the astronomy club posters were hung, two friends came into the Tweed talking about it and sat next to me. The female friend was laughing because she kept reading the poster as “as. tronomy.” two words. I […]

art by omission

Comment Faire un Film Indépendant was rejected by the Frozen Yeti Film Festival. Fountain was never displayed. Nude Descending a Staircase was rejected in Europe and made Duchamp famous in America. My film was meant to be ironic. Everyone's too stupid! If a fucking snowboarding movie wins the festival, I am going Carrie on their […]


[archived from:] I know it’s old news by now, but the posters on The Hurricane Poster Project site continue to amaze me. I just wish the design world would have done something similar for the tsunami at the end of 2004. I particularly like Laurie Demartino’s poster, and she happens to be a Minneapolis resident. Looking […]

more self-serving vainglorious attempts at design renown

I made the poster for this semester’s second and third Student Design Organization meeting. It’s a sequel to my poster last semester titled “how to graphically design a graphic design major” based on “how to draw a bunny.” Someone took offense that I drew a boy instead of a girl. Hopefully now they’ll take offence […]