(I kinda wish livejournal used this Halloween color theme everyday. Dark blue gradients are a turn on).

The Saatchi Gallery in London is closed, and they're moving to a new location. Naturally I'd heard nothing about this being in America (Art in America, the magazine that is, annoys me slightly). The city hall location was so amazing… and something about legal battles over newspaper promotions? That sounds dumb because I don't understand it. I am glad I got to go twice during the brief time it was open. Man… a location in Chelsea won't draw nearly as many people nauseous from the London Eye.

A year ago I was at the Selly Sausage where I was not eating sausage. I was avoiding the American Halloween party.

Tomorrow begins National Novel Writing Month, which Jess, Jill, and I have taken it upon ourselves to participate in. Memoir forever! Speaking of memoir, I recently added a section to the Study in England Website… memoir! Jill and Jess's pieces will be up shortly I hope.

I need to photograph my paintings, but my current landscape project is not going so well. I hope to fix it somewhat before critique on Wednesday. Stupid football stadium lights. The professor keeps yelling at me to not be so tight. She loves my sketches (which were loose because I am bad at oil pastels) and she likes the mistakes in my painting. Sometimes being a graphic designer is hard, especially when you're supposed to make your painting look more like a painting.

Brushstrokes? Who needs them! BLEND BLEND BLEND. Crap.

I'm upset because she's right. I'll figure it out eventually. Or become an English major.

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