In an attempt to “grow” myself as a web person, I have opted to delete my live an deadjournals. I will be replacing them with this site-side blog, which will hopefully force me to become a better writer in journal entries as well as adding another reason to visit MyrthCo. Also, as a net-savvy blogster I hope to now be able to write about topical news articles that concern me as well as comment on local business. The reader has to care because this is the blog, and blogs are in this season.

I am and always will be a tool, but if I can laugh while I do it, all the better.

Life has been ridiculous lately, and riding my bike is not getting any easier. I am losing my patience with the Duluth buses. Today I made the mistake of taking bus 14 to the mall. Bus 14 goes everywhere on its overly long and boring trip up the hill, over the river, and through the woods to grandmother’s nursing home we go. As someone who opposes most activism on account of apathy, I really should get a car and get on with killing the environment. Alas, I am doomed to eco-friendly modes of transport and no patience to get as far as Wal-mart for shopping needs. If I do become an activist, I hope to buy my paints and posterboard at Wal-mart. Everything is hypocrisy, so why not make a statement of it? A performance artist in England turned on a tap a few weeks ago in a gallery and isn’t turning it off to protest water wastage. A professional blogger would link you to a relevant article.

I am not a professional blogger.

My blog is a test, an experiment (like most things I do). I fear it will be mediocre unless I find a gimmick. Gimmicks are the only time I excel. Or do I mean “style”?

I have recently begun listening to the Postal Service again, thanks to their single We Will Become Silhouettes. The album includes the new song “Be Still My Heart,” which I am grooving on. Check it out at amazon or spend the $4 and get the CD yourself. I spend more on a single cup of coffee far too often.

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