I have been trying to “revise” my personality for quite some time now. The process is an uphill battle, which mostly involves me falling down. In late May I accidentally erased my personality. I have recently reinstalled from backup, but I fear some newer data got lost and has been replaced with obsolete vestiges of high school.

Things are not pretty. Well, they can be. Or they can be covered in blood, like my friends.

The summer has been weird. I have to ride to campus or come into the living room to use the internet, but my addiction has not been curbed. I would rather be productive than refreshing forums, so I am going to make a more pointed effort to lay off forums and myspace (oh god, myspace). I think I will try to read more books and do more projects instead.

Baking banana bread while listening to the Smiths went well. Calling people sometimes does not. Substitute 4 with Treat Williams went poorly, but Vice Versa with Judge Reinhold went swimmingly. Today is the first day since June 11th I have not ridden my bicycle. I made up for it by eating brunch in a revolving restaurant.

I don't think I knew Duluth had a revolving restaurant. Or was it rotating? Either way, my toast was “very French.”

In high school all of my friends liked the same thing. Now, everyone has their own personality and tastes. I am trying to adjust. Knives, porn shops, and victim pics aren't my thing. Neither is Old Country Buffet. I can manage cemetaries. Thrash and rap.. no. Gay dance music… no. Sisters of Mercy, maybe. Having my own taste of music is a strange experience. I like only about half of what anyone I know is listening to these days, and I keep asking myself, “they think my music sucks?”

I mentioned that summer has been strange, right?

So internet, this is not goodbye, but a “I'll be seeing you.”

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