I'm no good at the internet.

I have been trying to “revise” my personality for quite some time now. The process is an uphill battle, which mostly involves me falling down. In late May I accidentally erased my personality. I have recently reinstalled from backup, but I fear some newer data got lost and has been replaced with obsolete vestiges of […]

Duluth summer

I ride my bike a lot, but the going is not getting any easier. My legs hurt. I spend too much money on coffee and groceries. I bake some mean banana bread (while listening to the Smiths) and vegan cookies (with the help of Jet). I work occasionally. One of my bosses is quite insane. […]


“I really ought to go to bed. To make myself feel better about this whole process I will try to reveal some of myself. I've been listening to Avril's new record all night. I can't tell you exactly why, but it sort of makes me feel like I am 15 all over again in a […]

well shit.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/4668313.stm Birmingham City Centre has been/was evacuated due to fear of unrelated bomb threats. Even though I'm in Duluth now, this really hits home. I recognize all the places the articles refers to as I often went there. The picture is of a 900 bus which goes to Coventry and the airport. I'd have a […]

happy birthday america!

(thank god the fourth of july doesn't last a month like guy fawkes day) So… this happened today: One of the roommates walked in on me in my boxers, Nick holding a camera, and Angela hiding behind the door giggling. I had gone too long without being weird. THIS IS HOW I CELEBRATE YOU USA!!!

Summer 2005 (zine variant)

Song title – Band 1. Swing Life Away-Punk Goes Acoustic 2. Southern Belles in London Swing- The Faint 3. Tokyo- The Books 4. Let's Get Lost-Elliot Smith 5. Carbon Monoxide-Cake 6. Barracuda-Rasputina 7. Randy Describes Eternity- Built to Spill 8. Hey Bondage (up yours) 9. Piazza New York Catcher-Belle & Sebastian 10. The Soldiering Life-The […]

a joke called pseudo-boho

Today I have: -Listened to the Dandy Warhols- “Bohemian Like You” -Received mail from Kelsey (she lives!) and Angela (she rocks!) -Rode bike to the Co-op to buy ITEMS IN BULK (scary new experiences involving rolled oats and carob chips!) -MIXED MY OWN EFFIN' MUESLI (life is so good again) -Stared at ingredients in preparation […]