Today I have:
-Listened to the Dandy Warhols- “Bohemian Like You”
-Received mail from Kelsey (she lives!) and Angela (she rocks!)
-Rode bike to the Co-op to buy ITEMS IN BULK (scary new experiences involving rolled oats and carob chips!)
-MIXED MY OWN EFFIN' MUESLI (life is so good again)
-Stared at ingredients in preparation for “Happy Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies” (let me know when you get into town Nick & Angela)
-Listened to a mix tape on my roommate's sound system (I am currently getting into the groove and proving my love to Madonna)
-Did laundry in the murder basement for the first time ($3.75 seems way too expensive, even if it is cheaper than £2.60)

The muesli tastes good, despite my inability to find “toasted wheat germ.” Man, I'd be dancing around in my underwear right now if I didn't know it would cause Nicole or Lacey to come home. I stole their brown sugar for the muesli mixin'.

I'd say my trip to Starbucks last night negates any Bohemian aspirations I have, but the coffee was FREE. Pre-grand opening and such. Free Starbucks coffee is sticking it to the man. Sitting in Starbucks in the shadow of the Duluth Radisson is almost as cool as taking your picture in front of the bull in the Bullring. Almost.

Last night conversations were interrupted by strangers saying, “I overheard you talking about X…” twice. I swear that shit never happened abroad. Some lady is suing Regis in Superior for giving her a bald spot. Some guy met the egg lady from that John Waters film (Pink Flamingos?).

devo is so sexy. did they do the mystery science theatre 3000 theme? this post is funny because I'm so not indie-boho-hippie-hipster-trendwhore. I'm a man with a mission. A boy with a gun.

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