My trip to Liverpool was a bit of a flop. I think it was a sign that I need to go back with Emma and Steph.

I somehow managed to not see a single tour bus, so sadly I have yet to experience the Beatle’s Magical Mystery Tour. I have no freaking idea how I avoided all tour buses. I walked all the way to Albert Dock and saw the bananalamb and the Tate Liverpool, but no yellow submarine replica. I decided I was not in the mood for the cheesy Beatle’s Story. I went into the Cavern Club, which was cool, but knowing that the original was torn down and this is a smaller replica.. I liked all the bricks outside with famous Liverpool acts and who has played there. I especially liked all the band names people have written in themselves. I wish I could have added some CFSR names.

Maren, I think I saw Eric. There was a group of five or so American kids and one was blond and Ericy. I was afraid to talk to them or even get a good look. I did an awkward side walk/turn thing. Eventually they disappeared.

I went into the world famous Beatles store and saw nothing I wanted to buy. I did not even get a postcard for Steph or Emma. augh. I kind of wanted to buy some CDs, but I don’t think Beatles albums are still worth ~$30.

I did see a neat bombed out church. ALilpuddlian asked me who bombed it.
“The Germans,” I said questioningly.
“Hitler!” he replied.
He then went on to compare Hitler to Napoleon, noting that they were both short. I could not understand half of the things he said, though he assured me he and his friends were not going to rob me several times.

Maren, remember that little book we both bought in London? Does this look familiar?
Banksy in Liverpool

Eleanor Rigby is lonely because she is hiding. Penny Lane is a tramp in the outskirts. Strawberry Fields is closing. The yellow submarine has sunk. I’m only bitter because these are things I did not see.

On the train ride to Liverpool I read Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” which adds yet another layer of depth to Donnie Darko. I also listened to a burned copy of Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band + Eleanor Rigby, Hey Bulldog, Blackbirds, All Together Now, Dear Prudence, and Rocky Raccoon. ha… I saw some cracking burned out factories and a lot of discarded records by the train tracks. I also saw some other grafitti in Liverpool that simply said, “Schubert is great.”

I came back from Liverpool early since I failed at finding the attractions. This allowed me to have free dinner at Manor House. Yay! I also went to see Sideways with Ginny, which has an amazing ending. It also makes me want to drink bad wine and be haughty about it.

If you replace wine tasting with mathematics, the movie tells the story of Greg and Mike 15 years from now.

I like Paul Giamatti a lot, but he has similar facial hair to my father which always bothers me in men that age.

I hope to see Creep with Mike soon. Bad horror films are great… in no way at all.

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