From: “gary m——–”
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005
To: “chris”
Subject: DAD

Hi Chris ,,hope this finds you well,,,,,Are you stilll iN London?? HOw long will you be there??

Since you did so well on my last problem,,,I was just wondering if you could help me on this one,,,I need this item listed on Ebay,,,I bought it,,and thought I could use it as a Computer moniter,,but it does not have the hook ups…so I want to sell it,,, I can never figure out how to paste these things onto Ebay to sell it….It also needs to be changed removing the Christmas crap off it and also it lists the wrong model at the top of the page,,,the correct one is at the bottom,,which is LC 20 E14 ,,and it also states it is HD,,TV ,,it is not,,,so that needs to be removed,,,,Other then that,,it should work,,,,,,,,so if you have alittle time to help me great,,,,,Just let me know what other info you need,,,,

Well take care ,,,and hope to see you soon,,,,,,LOVE Dad,,,,,,,,,

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