we could talk about it over a cup of joe, and you could look real deep into my eyes like I were a supermodel.


that songs make me think of the goodwill parking lot with either maren or emma. or was it steph.

i do know that daft punk brings fond rememberances of dancing like crazy outside perkins in kelsey's car. raise your hand if you miss the smell of kelsey's car!

last Thursday when I was drunk, I made Greg, Ginny, Mike, and Bethany watch the memories video.

“This is even making me feel nostalgic” -Greg

haha. I wonder what brought this latest bit on… besides Banditos and a letter from Kelsey overflowing with My Little Pony.

My biggest current regret (er, disappointment with self?) is that I still feel the emotions I was feeling seven years ago. I would have thought they were obsolete by now. I am backsliding to a degree, or maybe everything else is just accelerating around me. I think this is my punishment for laying in bed one evening and feeling grown up.

I did not go to Liverpool last Saturday and spent much of the day alone instead. I shall be going to Liverpool rain or shine, accompanied or not, this weekend. I did read a few books this weekend, however, which was nice.

I spent most of yesterday (eating, hanging with Mike) reading The Lovely Bones. After all those dramatic interp pieces my senior year and after reading Alice Sebold's memoir, I felt obligated.

She does not know how to end a story. She is quite good at the whole maudlin thing, but agh. agh. To be fair though, I do not like the way most books end.

cynicism is the best answer to today's problems

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