Last night was either the first or second time I went to pub night with the professors. Ah… how fancy. Here is how it went:
Double vodka + lemonade (it was cheap night for Americans!)
Pint of Blackthorn (I still do not drink beer, but cider is making me nauseous. I need a new cheapish drink to fall back on)
Double vodka + lemonade
Then something amazing happened… while socializing with my peers (well, the ones I like), they determined I needed to drink more (they had never seen me with alcohol for some reason. It is like middle school whenever I swore, and kids were like “dude! you swore!”). Luckily, they decided I needed to save my money for laundry (20p can be so hard to find) and they pitched in to buy my another double vodka + lemonade. At some point Mike was there, and then he was not. At some point I ran to his room and left a note saying, “Dear Mike I am drunk, come get me in the bar when you get back.”

After I finished the final double vodka + lemonade (though I am unsure if I had three or four total) I stumbled to his room drunker than ever. I hope I did not embarass myself in front of my Art of the Memoir/Comp professor and her partner's daughter. That part is a bit hazy. The stumble to Mike's room was lovely, and I was laughing a lot, despite being alone. He then showed me the two large bottles of smirnoff ice black, two vodka mudshakes, biscuits, and scones he purchased for me. We stumbled back to my room to watch Vertigo. First I had to call Maren and my sister. Only my sister answered though. I am still trying to figure out the difference between the two comic books she was talking about. During this time I also drank the two vodka mudshakes.

I passed out/fell asleep during Vertigo and most people left. At some point I got up and went to the bathroom and puked (my first time! how cute). I kept wondering why it was going everywhere and on my feet. This morning I realized it would have helped if I was not standing… I managed to wipe most of it up (toilet seems clean this morning) and then I went back to my room. The movie was given up and Mike decided to sleep on the floor in case I drowned in my sleep or something.

I have no hangover/headache, but I am still quite dizzy. Alcohol is fun kids, but only if you can legally purchase it! Er. Yeah, after York last weekend I realized my thinking on drinking was wrong. So… yeah, I won't judge you (all y'all) for drinking. Or maybe I will, because it is fun.

Yay, I am a drunky like everyone else, but that does not mean I cannot still be s.X.e!!!!!!! I should vacuum my floor or something. Ha.

Love to your faces

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