Dear world out there,
Should I go to Liverpool tomorrow? It is like $26 for a return train ticket. I think I would go alone. Tom Waits is singing about how it's all gonna end, and he said Liverpool. I think I have… six weekends or so left after this for travel. Plus a month for spring break. Shall I wait until I can drag Steph here to see it, or shall I embrace England and fly about crazily.

Agh. Conflicted. I could always go later. Until it is May and I can only go to South Dakota. Agh.

I am still slightly dizzy from drinkin' with the professors last night. No hangover despite being drunker than ever.

Oh, I threw up for my first time in relation to alcohol.

It took me until morning to realize that the puke was going everywhere + my feet because I was standing instead of kneeling. I wish someone would have been videotaping me. It had to have been sexy.

Vertigo tonight. I hope. Fo' realz.

Dinner soon, and damn if that does not make me feel fancy. I think my attempt to not use contractions is not going so well. It sounds weird, does it not? So… yeah. Ringo Starr will be saving the world soon thanks to Stan Lee, but who will save me?

(If I do not go, I will most likely sit around my room, drink hot cocoa, and read some memoirs, some mad russian, and some rape fiction. I can read on trains too. It would be cheaper to stay here.)


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